Philosophy: 21st century India has emerged as a world of busy professionals and enthusiast corporate, and every moment is bundled with meetings, presentations and conferences. To cater to the regular flowing needs of the corporate world, GeTS Conferences has emerged as India's most pioneering and technologically advanced professional Conference Organizers. We focus solely on medical related events, conferences and innovations and aim to take the world of medicine to a complete new domain. GeTS promises to manage all medical conferences strategically and let it achieve global standards.

Ground-breaking conceptualization, careful planning, wide promotion, professional and strategic execution and management of conferences remains our sole philosophy. We dream to keep our global presence intact and continue organizing successful medical conferences for years to come.

Team: GeTS Conferences has a committed team of 125 professionals from 10 different nationalities who speak different languages and hold expertise in generating marketing campaigns, creating websites and focusing on promotions in most of the major spoken languages of the world.
Our team will be on call 24 hours a day throughout the pre-planning and event period. 

Our expert team includes the following categories:

  • Travel team
  • Sponsorship and fund raising team
  • Budgeting team
  • Secretarial team
  • IT, Graphics and Content team
  • Hotel reservation team
  • Transport team
  • Multi Language team
  • Marketing and Promotion team
  • Venue management and onsite and offsite registration team
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